10 best cars for dog owners you will find


I. Introduction – What is the best car for dog owners? As dog owners, you are likely going to be confronted with the challenge of finding a suitable car for your pet, especially for short and long trips. While dogs can naturally fit into most cars regardless of their size, some vehicles will provide you … Read more

Hyundai Driver Weaving Through Traffic Doesn’t Even Stop With Marked Police Car

It shouldn’t need to be said that it’s not a good idea to weave in and out of traffic. However, one Hyundai driver must not have gotten the message and found themselves getting pulled over by a police officer. The video begins with a Hyundai Elantra coming up behind the dashcam car. It then cuts to the front, and … Read more

Florida driver learns that you shouldn’t run from cops or a K9 will bite your family jewels

Running from the police is an absolutely terrible idea and authorities in Marion County, Florida have just released footage of one man trying, and failing, to escape. On June 19, 2021, a Dodge Charger being driven by 33-year-old Gregory Lee Linder passed K9 Cpl. Sullivan along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. The officer had various … Read more