Despite having many electric models introduced by Geely at the Beijing Auto Show, this electric London taxi stood out from the crowd of beautiful creations. Lots of eyes were turned to behold the glory of this custom makeover done on this particular model.


Dubbed as LX, this model from LEVC was highly modified by the famous Lorinser. The tuning firm began the turnaround journey through the 2-tone painting scheme, featuring black finish on the bottom half and the remaining part painted in gold finish. Other notable modifications done on the exterior include bespoke bumper coupled with massive air intake, specially made chrome grille and large hood ornament. The LX also features sporty rear wheels and custom silver and black wheels.


On the inside, we could notice some modifications such as Volvo’s 3 spoke steering wheel, unique flat-bottomed steering wheel in black and orange leather wrap coupled with carbon fiber section at the height of it. The model has decided to ignore infotainment screen shroud commonly fitted as standard on Volvo, sitting at the center of the dash.


There is also the presence of many orange accents on the inside, covering areas such as door panels, seats and dashboard.

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