Detailed guidelines on global shipping costs for vehicles

If you are buying a car overseas or you intend to move it from one country to another across the oceans, there are certain things you should know. Contrary to what many people feel about the whole shipping process, it is not as hard as many take it. You do not have to give yourself a headache just by thinking about it. This is why we have come here to simplify the entire process for you. We are going to show you factors to consider before shipping, requirements and possible cost. 


Shipping cost of getting your vehicle oversea: Determining factors

The price of shipping your car varies and it depends on multiple factors. Most of the time, what the shipping company uses as a yardstick is the distance. It could range from $1,000 to $5000 to get your vehicle across the ocean. The price could also be very high, as much as $40000 if you are shipping a high-end SUV to the desired destination by plane. For instance, it is mostly expensive if you are shipping from the United States to Australia, compared to shipping to many parts in Europe. Another factor that could affect the shipping cost is the type of vehicle you are transporting. Shipping a heavy-duty truck would surely incur more shipping cost than a small car like Toyota Prius. 


You also need to do your homework on the import taxes in your home country. While some countries are lenient, some could be a bit harsh on the amount you will pay. You could pay as low as $800 and as high as the shipping fee itself. If you are on a budget, we often advise our readers to pick up their vehicle from the port. That is a cheaper option compared to having it delivered to your location. 

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Another factor that could affect the shipping is expedited shipping. Normally, you might have to wait at least three weeks to get your vehicle delivered to the destination country. However, you could subscribe for expedited shipping, which would be faster and cut off unnecessary delay. Expectedly, you will pay extra to enjoy this service. Finally, the price range would differ if you want to go for an open or closed container. Depending on the type of vehicle you are shipping, the closed container, which is the private container, is more expensive. Usually, people use this to ship expensive and rare vehicles. The open container is less expensive but allows other vehicles to be stored alongside yours. 

Now that we have clarified what could affect your shipping cost, here is the biggest question:

How do I ship my car abroad?

As a newbie, you will find the whole process cumbersome and ultimately frustrating. This is because of the customs paperwork from both ends. There are some that would be required at the point of shipping and some at the receiving end. Sometimes, we recommend you use the service of auto shippers who understand the rudiment of exporting and importing of vehicles. When you know the requirement, the entire shipping process would be less stressful. 


For example, in the US, you need to verify your car’s legal status through the US State Department hotline to enquire whether your vehicle is allowed in the country of destination. These apply to minor issues like tinted windows, headlights and so on. You need to provide important documents like shipper export declaration form, notarised car title and declaration of dangerous goods form. You can get these forms online or through your transporter. 

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You need to pay attention to your insurance. Some car companies only issue limited offers. Check with your insurance company to know if your present insurance plan covers shipping across the ocean. It may be required of you to procure this separately. We also recommend you check in with the insurance policy if it permits driving abroad. 

We already mentioned why it is important to seek the service of an auto transporter. This is because they understand the entire process. However, before you do so, research and find the best auto transport with the best services. Before you proceed to signing a contract with any car transporting company, verify their safety record and insurance certificate by looking for their MC docket number online via the Department of Transportation website.

Do a thorough check on the vehicle before you hand it over for shipping. make sure you wash it, take pictures and keep the reports with you. This will make it easier for you to easily spot any damage or dent on your vehicle upon arrival. Do not forget to remove important documents or valuables from the vehicle before you get it shipped.

Upon arrival, whether you use an open- or closed-door container, you will need to make payment once it gets to the destination. You may either take it in person or ask the agent to do so on your behalf. If you had paid the transportation fee, the company will be responsible for making the last payment. 


To avoid the stress of paperwork at customs, you should employ the service of an auto transporter. They usually make the process less stressful and safer for you. 


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