Your Benz transmission can become brand new in 05 minutes: This is how to

Owning a Mercedes Benz car is one thing many people would love. The German automaker has the pedigree for manufacturing premium cars with lots of power underneath its hood. Obviously, we are not here to praise the design ingenuity of Mercedes products. We will be teaching you here on Cars9ja on how you can turn your Mercedes Benz transmission into brand new in just 5 minutes. This is a perfect gift for those Mercedes Benz cars shifting sluggishly lately.

The TCU works with the Brainbox in adapting to your driving style

Understanding the Mercedes Benz Transmission Control Unit reset

When the Engine Control Unit (ECU) or Brainbox in your Mercedes car keeps monitoring your driving style over a period of time, the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) will automatically adapt the transmission shift to the way you drive. The TCU adapts your driving style whether you are a fast or slow driver. When you drive very fast, this TCU upshifts slowly and keeps gearbox in the gear for a longer period.

To properly reset the transmission system in your Benz, power up the dashboard light

The gear changing becomes fast when you drive slowly or gently within the city. This reset feature was put on Mercedes Benz by the automaker to attract younger generation. Unknown to many, it is quite easy to make the transmission in your Mercedes Benz adapt to your style of driving. For effective adaptive shifting of your Mercedes Benz transmission, you need to follow these steps:

Step one – inserting the ignition key

To begin, inserting the ignition key is important to get the lights on the dashboard to come on. You do not need to start the engine. Put the ignition key at the second level. When you hear 2 clicks and the dashboard lights are activated, that means you are doing the right thing.

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You do not need to start the car before working on the TCU reset

Step two – putting foot on the gas pedal

You need at least 15 seconds when putting your foot down on the gas pedal to get the kick-down switch activated. To make it work effectively, make sure your foot is steadily placed on the gas pedal down to the floor level. You need to keep pressing the gas pedal for a minimum of ten seconds.

Step three – turning the ignition key to zero

Hold the ignition at the position zero (0) without removing it. Usually, this is the position where you turn off the engine.

Step four – taking the foot off the gas pedal

Now, you should take off your foot from the gas pedal and chill for a minimum of 2 minutes. Refrain from touching the car’s button or opening the door. Probably, you should use this short time to cool off inside the car.

Remove your leg from the gas pedal and wait for some minutes in the car

Step five – driving the car around for some minutes

This is the point when you need to switch on the engine and drive your car around for a minimum of 15 minutes. This is should be done exactly the way you usually drive around every day. One mistake you shouldn’t make is driving on rough terrain, as it limits the way you would want to enjoy driving. You can only try it on uneven terrain if your daily driving lifestyle depends on such route. Also, avoid racing your car unless you plan to race it every day.

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Adaptive shifting should happen automatically the moment you get behind the wheel. However, you can try out this reset once every month to keep your transmission in shape. Remember this steps work for every Mercedes Benz product equipped with automatic transmission. For auto dealers, it is important you do this on your Mercedes Benz models to give your buyers best driving experience. In case you are interested in more helpful tips, do not hesitate to come back.

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