Did you know the air conditioning system in Bugatti Chiron is strong enough to cool your small apartment?

If you are desperate for the straight answer before diving right into full details, then the answer is YES! Bugatti is aware of the discomfort that high temperature could cause especially when you are in an insanely fast and sealed up model like its Chiron. The company decided to put all hands on deck in developing a remarkable climate control system for this model right here.

image-of-bugatti-chiron-air-conditioning-system-can cool-an-apartment
Bugatti Chiron requires a sophisticated AC system to cope with its insane speed

Air conditioning is obviously not a new technology neither is it available only for few cars. It has existed for eight decades and the extent at which it works depends on the model. While it’s decent enough in some cars, it is impressively efficient in some. One of the models out there that will make you think it never existed in the first place is the Bugatti Chiron. This is quite possible due to the availability of 2 condensers and power air conditioning compressor.

Bugatti Chiron has an estimated 9.5 meters of air conditioning lines with the ability to compress as much as 3 kilograms of coolant. This usually takes a minute to create the pressure of two bar to thirty bar. The automaker discloses that this powerful AC system on the Chiron can easily cool an 80 square-meter apartment.

image-of-bugatti-chiron-air-conditioning-system-can cool-an-apartment
The Chiron’s air conditioning can easily cool your small apartment

Since we all know how intense and powerful the Chiron’s air conditioning system is, we also need to know it is a very complex system to install. How is AC system on Bugatti different from most cars? Well, the answer is this: Chiron is known for its extreme speed capability hereby making it quite a challenge to fit into a suitable system to cope with such fast model. Air is forced into cabin at the windscreen’s lower end in regular cars. Such isn’t the case with Bugatti Chiron as it only happens roughly 250 km/hr. when this happens, there will be a possible negative pressure switch, making the engineers at the company to produce an advanced control system. This new system entails high optimized blower and extra ram air flap to make sure air keeps entering into the interior.

image-of-bugatti-chiron-air-conditioning-system-can cool-an-apartment
The Bugatti Chiron’s AC system is more advanced than what you get on regular cars

There is no way we will ask Bugatti to reduce its speed capability. Also, at an inclination of 21.5 degree, Chiron comes fitted with a flat windscreen. This is close to two times of what you will find on conventional compact car. Because of this, the cabin of Cabin tends to heat up more quickly than regular cars.

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The sophisticated air conditional system on Chiron offers top performance while tackling these challenges, especially when the hypercar is moving at top speed. This new system makes the cabin very comfortable for the occupant regardless of the temperature outside the car. Another remarkable thing about this top performing AC system on Chiron is that it doesn’t make any noise despite its high work rate. The driver can relax and enjoy the road cruise without any discomfort.

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