Driver crashes after confusing accelerator with the brake

Why do people often confuse the accelerator with the brake? In most cases, it doesn’t end well. This was exactly what happened in Vietnam where a Toyota Yaris was involved in a road crash after the driver mixed up the two pedals.

From the clip that was shared online, the driver was either leaving a parking spot or trying to park the car. Apparently, there was a bit of confusion as the driver hit the accelerator while in reverse, sending the car backward. 


One would have imagined that the driver would keep their foot on the brake pedal. Instead, they used the accelerator, where it ended up in a crash. The event came to an end when the Yaris struck a tree and stopped.

Luckily, no one was injured. It could have been another story if the vehicle had hit a pedestrian or one woman in particular who at the time was bagging groceries with her back turned. Surprisingly, the pedestrian didn’t show much reaction as expected as they moved their arm out of the way at the last sec. Funny enough; they began to run after the tragedy was already averted.

Truth is; the driver isn’t the only one who had confused the two pedals. Several road crashes over the years have been caused by this simple mistake. This is why Toyota launched an upgraded Pedal Misapplication Acceleration Control System in 2020 in Japan to help combat this problem.

This technology helps in detecting a strong and rapid push on the accelerator, especially when the drivers think they are slamming on the brake pedal. The system will not halt the vehicle. Instead, it will suppress the acceleration and ensure the driver is given strong visual and audible warning to apply the brake.

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