Since the outbreak of this deadly coronavirus pandemic, a lot of automakers are coming up with several innovative ideas to protect their customers while having a blast time in their cars. Such is the case with the popular American automaker, with multiple protective shields, which can be easily and quickly equipped to their commercial products such as the Tourneo and Transit.


The sole purpose of this new shield design is to ensure these operators are well equipped for social distancing while protecting the other occupants as well. The shields are meant for public operations such as patient transfer, transport service and school buses.

According to Owen Gregory, who happens to be the company’s European commercial vehicle aftersales director, recently said:

“Commercial vehicle operators have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020 and are adapting to new norms as they continue to provide their vital services to our communities and economy,”

 “Our new protection shields provide additional support to our customers as they continue to operate in challenging circumstances, offering drivers and passengers peace of mind as they work and travel.”


The transparent PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic is used for the production of these protective shields. Their installation is quite simple due to the integrated straps. According to Ford, these shields will in no way hinder the comfort of the passengers or the amount of room on the inside. It will also not restrict the ventilation and heating system. The new design will entail 4 different configurations, separating the interior lines from left to right and rear to front.

The carmaker has also put into place strap position and mounting points, which are placed carefully to ensure easy deployment of the airbags (curtain and side) in any case of road mishap.

The Transit and Tourneo variants will also come fitted with these protective shields. We are expecting the Transit Courier to be launched before this year runs out.

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