In order to curb the spread of this deadly coronavirus, Geely is one of the automakers out there, not yet ready to back down yet despite the overwhelming effects of this pandemic on manufacturing and sales of cars worldwide.

Geely delivers car keys to consumers’ homes by using the drones

To take the purchase of cars to a whole new level, Geely Auto will make use of drones in delivering car keys to new owners. These keys will be delivered directly to the places of work or homes of the customers, instead of the usual collection from the dealership. Locations will now be picked by the drones while giving out car keys to the customers, most especially delivering directly to their balcony or even the door.

This remarkable initiative is to further the distance between customers and workers, hereby eliminating spread of the virus and also creating a reliable contactless delivery process.

The drones will help combat coronavirus by ensuring an effective contactless delivery

The company, which is located in China, has launched its own exclusive online sales system on the 10th of February, offering buyers an effective solution to making an order online and also requesting for desired modification of the specifications of the car. The online system will also provide other features such as online insurance, financing and contactless home delivery.

According to report, more than 10,000 people have made orders and payment for Geely’s vehicles since the platform was launched in February. Additionally, more than 110,000 users have shown interest in buying their products in that short time. The company therefore will process confirmed orders and begin home delivery after sending the vehicles to the local dealers.

Geely continues to enjoy success in sales despite the outbreak of the virus

Interestingly, all vehicles produced by the company are disinfected thoroughly by the dealership to ensure the safety of its customers. The company is obviously enjoying continued success in the Chinese market due to being proactive to change in market needs and concerns of the buyers.

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