This is a good time to be alive, as we are about to witness the making of history according to the Olivier Lombard, French racing driver, who just unveiled the very first hydrogen-powered luxury model in the world.


The Machina is a going to be a sleek model offering unique headlights, mesh-style lower intake and protruding nose. This is nothing short of breaththrough in the field of technological advancement.

With its flowing bodywork, there is a peculiar continuation on its avant-garde styling, with aerodynamics wheels and flush-mounted door handles. The vehicle will also promise other remarkable features such as panoramic roof glass, rakish windscreen, video camera side mirrors and muscular rear haunches.

At the back of the car, we could observe the presence of a recessed trunk located over a ventilated fascia. There is no more issue with air accumulation at the back of the wheel wells, courtesy of well-styled vents and taillights.


Although we haven’t gotten the information about its specification yet, but the automaker disclosed that the powertrain on the model will offer an output of 493 horsepower and 621 miles of driving range. The hydrogen-powered Hopium Machina will be refueled within an impressive 3 minutes.

The carmaker also made it clear that this model will blend effectively important driving factors such as connectivity, ergonomics, safety and connectivity. The Hopium Machina will offer customers a very stylish interior and sporty exterior look.


The production will commence in 2026 but we will set our eyes on the prototype in a year’s time. The model will be manufactured in France and offered to be many auto markets across the world.

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The Hydrogen Motive Company that would produce this model was established by Lombard. Since it is their first to come out of their automobile division, the company plans to emerge as the leader in the hydrogen automotive tech.

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