How to check custom duty online in Nigeria

Wait! Before you get your hope high, it is not possible to check custom duty online yet in Nigeria, the good news is: verify your custom papers without moving out of your comfort zone. Before we get into that, be sure to know that you are among several Nigerians looking forward to online custom duty check to be fully introduced. There has been a lot of talk on it. Hopefully, it will happen soon so that we can rest easy.


For vehicles coming into Nigeria, a lot of car owners experience delay or harassment from road officials as a result of this custom charge. While some have not been fully paid, some haven’t been paid at all. This is why it is vital to verify the authenticity of the custom duty on such cars.

So, how can i verify my custom duty papers online?

The answer is pretty straightforward. All you need is to read through carefully without missing out on any detail. The Nigeria Customs Service has provided an active help-desk to help you with this query. You can even verify this custom duty paper right on your phone. The only challenge we have right now is that we are unsure if they work round the clock. You do not even need to contract it out to anyone to do for you. Consequently, it saves you money!


To check your custom duty papers, call the number 094621597 (The last number can either be 8 or 9). The service is applicable to either direct call or via SMS. However, there are certain things you need to provide before you are supplied with such vital information.

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First, you need to provide the C-number, which is otherwise known customs reference number. You need to provide the year of payment and the command of Nigeria customs where you paid the duty fee.  You will get the information as soon as you provide this info. 


In case you are interested in finding out about the customs tariff list online, also known as CET tariff payment, log on to where the Nigeria Customs Service has provided a helpful database for that. 

We are certain that the full online system will soon be implemented for Nigerians to be able to check their customs papers online. Until then, make use of the helpdesk number to verify the papers and use keyword on the website for list of payment plan. 

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