Knight International has the reputation for the sales of super-exclusive hypercars and build slots. Just recently, the company has picked up new interest by venturing into production of cars. According to report, their first model dubbed “Knight Vision R” will blend the appearances of vintage racing cars from 5 decades ago with the latest-tech in the 21st century.


Based on the platform of Shelby Cobra, the vision model will offer a carbon-fiber body with latest rollover protective system. Other noticeable features include ventilated front fenders, air intakes and carbon fiber front splitter. Other incredible things to expect include tonneau cover, center-locking carbon fiber wheels and titanium exhaust.


The company hasn’t given us much info on its interior design, but revealed we should lookout for Recaro sports seats, digital gauge cluster augmented reality carbon fiber helmet integration and a full multimedia suite. It might be a bit hard taking this information into head, but what it means simply is that field of view will be projected to the driver by use of a specially designed helmet.

The Knight Vision R is expected to be powered by a V8 5.2-liter engine with an output of 760 horsepower, powering the rear wheel. We learnt it would be connected by 2 electric motors coughing out 350 horsepower to power the front wheel. By implication, the model will generate combined outputs of 1,110 horsepower. The model will also feature a fully adjustable Ohlins suspension type and a lithium-ion battery pack.


Knight has also given us hint on its pricing. If everything works as planned, the Vision R model is set to be sold at a retail price between $500,000 and $600,000. The time for production and release is yet to be unveiled to the public.

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