image-of-lexus-you-can-wear-a-one-off-sneakers-from-IS model

If you are a big lover of sneakers and you fancy the Lexus brand as well, this is just one of the best news you will hear in 2021. Lexus, which is the luxury division of Toyota, has come up with a one-off Gamer’s IS, a pair of sneakers inspired by the powerful 350 F Sport known for its Dynamic Handling Package.

image-of-lexus-you-can-wear-a-one-off-sneakers-from-IS model

The rare pair of sneakers was created in collaboration with RTFKT. The sneakers are not what we have seen before as they offer distinct design, integrating the carbon rear fiber spoiler and bold colours known with the IS model.

The sole on the shoes are inspired by the tires on the model, wrapping around its sides. The one-off sneakers will take us on a brief journey to the carmaker’s iconic spindle grille when you take a look closely.

image-of-lexus-you-can-wear-a-one-off-sneakers-from-IS model

We cannot but notice how the blue colour stands out on the sneakers. It is an energetic blue hue, which shares similarities with the Grecian Water colour made available on 2021 Lexus IS. The colour is contrasted by Black NuLuxe accents, silver stripes and light gray stitches found on the car’s headlights.

image-of-lexus-you-can-wear-a-one-off-sneakers-from-IS model

Chris Le, who happens to be the creative director of RTFKT, recently said:

“We wanted to make sure when the audience looks at the sneaker, they instantly know it is the IS.”

The Japanese automaker seems excited with the result as Vinay Shahani, who is Lexus’s marketing vice president, described them as a “head-turning sneaker that unmistakably mirrors the bold design and impressive performance of the IS.”

image-of-lexus-you-can-wear-a-one-off-sneakers-from-IS model

The one-off sneakers were made as part of the company’s All In campaign, which is a celebration of those who fully accept what they love doing, while showcasing its own obsession, highly considered an unapologetically pure sport sedan. If you are lucky to get your hands on this pair of sneakers, just know you are the only one on the planet who does.

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