Looking for ideal car for social distancing? This Bruder EXT-6 GT is that answer

At a time like this, coronavirus has gotten hold of so many countries on the planet. You may have to look a bit too deep finding few countries with no tested cases of this COVID-19. Consequently, most major cities on the planet are currently on total lockdown.

The EXT-6 GT is a perfect camper trailer for this deadly coronavirus

Talking about camper trailer in this trying time may seem a bit off topic but we are certain this particular one will make your panic or fear disappear in few seconds.

The camper trailer can go to anywhere as long the towing vehicle is up to the task

The Bruder EXP-6 GT is the ideal expedition trailer manufactured to get you anywhere as long as the vehicle getting its towed is powerful enough for the task ahead. The camper was created by a company based in Australia, strong enough to handle the challenges of any terrain. The EXT-6 Bruder offers a remarkable ground clearance of 25.6 inches.

The EXT-6 GT features a very comfortable interior look

It offers air suspension with multi-link setup that can be adjusted individually and a strong chassis that can cope with knee-deep holes. The camper trailer can float while it is also watertight.

The Bruder EXT-6 GT offers its personalized steel cable and winch, pulling itself out of any dirt especially when it gets a bit hard going forward. The massive size of this camper trailer makes it different from what most campers in the market offer. It is 263.8 inches in size and comes equipped with varieties of amenities to water your appetite.

The massive camper trailer offers a perfect bedroom for this isolation time

Some of the features equipped on this camper trailer include extendable roof with enough breathing space, kitchen area for both inside and outside of the camper trailer, 2 longitudinal sofas that can also be used as beds, bathroom, solar power system, washing machine, 225 Ah lithium battery and 170-liter water tank.

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To get one for yourself, you will have to cough out as much as $100,000. The good news is: you can get the version that will suit your taste.

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