2021 is just getting better, especially for the designers of Lotus Evija, one of the fastest hypercars on the planet. The automaker just won the Design Award for the product Design of the Year category. Interestingly, the panel of judges was picked from different areas of study such as Interior, Graphic Design, Product, Fashion and Architecture.


Lotus Evija is now the most premium sustainable car on the planet as we speak. The model is yet to be delivered to those that ordered for it. The reason isn’t farfetched considering the emergence of the global pandemic and its ravaging effect on the auto industry. The delivery date has now been rescheduled to the middle of this year.


This particular model from what we learnt is the first electric car from the British carmaker, with 4 electric motors and a combined output of 2000 horsepower and 1243 pound feet of torque.


The Lotus Evija can accelerate from a standpoint of zero to 62 mph in an amazing less than 3 secs and a driving range of 250 miles. The model offers a top speed of 200 mph.

One of the most remarkable features on this model is its crafted carbon fiber body, which reduces weight for optimized road performance. This step is quite applaudable considering the weight of such potent batteries. In case you might want to know, Lotus Evija is the lightest hypercar to be manufactured till date.


Additionally, the Evija according to the jury paves a way to a more sustainable future with incredible aerodynamics aesthetics. The award is really deserving considering the work ethics and impressive designs that have emerged from the company over the years. The model is a perfect opportunity for the brand to re-launch itself as a driving force in the global auto market. The car maker is set to release a new hybrid sports car come year 2022.

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The car manufacturer has expressed their excitement as recipient of the prestigious award. According to Russell Carr, who happens to be the director of Design at the company, said:

“Everyone at Lotus is honored to receive this award. The Evija is an incredibly important car for Lotus; it is inspired by our innovative past and is the ultimate statement of intent for our ambitious and exciting future.”

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