Man faces possible 70 years jail time for using covid-19 relief fund to acquire 2020 Lamborghini

A man from Florida in the United State has just been apprehended and charged with bank fraud after spending part of coronavirus relief to acquire the latest Lamborghini Huracan, jewelry and clothes.


The man in question with the real name David T.Hines (age 29) is one the many entrepreneurs that got financial assistance from the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This PPP is a loan scheme created to assist crippling businesses to survive and cater for their workers amidst the ongoing global pandemic.


From the statement released by the US Department of Justice, T.Hines presented fraudulent applications for loans under the pretense that he owns many companies. From his claim, we learnt the 29 year-old Florida man said he owned 4 companies with many employees earning as much as $4 million in total monthly expenses.


The man however decided to play smart by using part of the money meant in paying his workers in acquiring some expensive things for himself such as an insanely expensive Lamborghini Huracan supercar and other luxury things like jewelry and clothes at many retailers and resorts located within Miami.

The Department of Justice said:

β€œIn the days and weeks following the disbursement of PPP funds, the complaint alleges that Hines did not make payroll payments that he claimed on his loan applications,”

β€œHe did, however, make purchases at luxury retailers and resorts in Miami Beach.”

The authorities have confiscated his $318,000 Lamborghini Huracan for the 2020 model year. According to report, Hines expenses on monthly basis since he got 3 payments averaged at $200,000, which is way below what he applied for on his loan applications.


He has been charged for involving in an unlawful transaction proceeds and presenting false statements to the financial institution. If He is found guilty of these accusations, he is likely to face a possible 70 years jail time.

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