Porsche creating high-density battery cells for performance and Motorsport applications

The German automaker is creating its own battery cells with silicon anodes. By implication, these new batteries will make it possible for Porsche to manufacture batteries for high-performance cars.


Porsche has great belief in the possibilities that lie within using silicon in place of the usual graphite anodes. According to the company, this new innovation will put the company right at the top spot when it comes to design of battery cells. The new discoveries with the new additives and electrolytes will ensure batteries on Porsche models work even at higher temperatures.

According to Porsche, the new batteries under development will be able to work effectively at temperature of more than 167° F. in case you didn’t know, the regular batteries find it hard to operate under temperature as high as 115° F, as they are made to work at 77° F. this information was revealed in 2019 by Anna Stefanopoulo, who happens to the director of University of Michigan’s Energy Institute.


Porsche believes that the higher-density batteries from its cell chemistry will ensure faster charging and more effective energy recovery. This according to the carmaker is a vital step in manufacturing EV customer racing vehicles and high-performance models.

Oliver Blume, who happens to be Porsche’s chairman, said:

“The battery cell is the combustion chamber of tomorrow. Our electrified high-performance sports and racing cars place the highest demands on battery technology.”

Porsche is interested in making sure that its buyers are given the best service as well as treatment. The company is working towards making sure there are branded fast-charging stations in every corner of Europe. These stations will also have exquisite lounges that will easily complement the lonity networks of chargers


Blume further said

“We are currently working on the details of a concept for our own fast-charging stations. We will select attractive locations for these in order to offer our customers the most comfortable and fastest long-distance travel experience possible.”

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