Quick-thinking driver avoids getting collected by out-of-control tram

A fast thinking Ukrainian driver just avoided a tragedy by reacting quickly to an out-of-control tram recently. From what we learnt, the dashcam footage of an event that took place in the city of Kharkiv shows the red and yellow tram moving briskly towards the opposite direction. It looked quite normal at the beginning until the tram got closer to the cammer, where it slipped off the tracks and began to slide sideways towards the cammer.

It is often hard to make a decision at a time like this. The driver had to make a decision whether to embrace the collision or attempt to evade it. Luckily, the driver took the second option and turned to the left quickly, narrowing avoiding getting struck by the tram. Obviously, that would have been one heck of a horrific crash.

There is a possibility that the cammer suffered some undercarriage damage since he drove over the median. Well, that’s understandable and better considering the impending tragedy from a sliding tram that was averted by quick thinking.

We are not sure yet if the tram didn’t end up hitting another road user. We hope such didn’t happen and no casualty was recorded. But, we feel a bit sorry for passengers in the tram that must have gotten the biggest fright of their life.

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