We always advice people to refrain from driving especially when they are drunk or feel they are getting drunk. Generally speaking, drinking and driving is ill-advised. A lot of people have lost their lives or endangered the lives of other people using the road with them. Such was the case of a man suspected to be driving while he was drunk. As a result, the drunk driver drove a red coloured Mitsubishi Lancer into a pool of water in Texas recently.


This mishap was just a perfect reminder for people not to engage in such drinking habit before getting behind the wheel. The incident was reported by the Arlington Police Department in Texas. According to report, this unfortunate incident occurred in the South Center Street within the city. We were able to figure out what really happened at the 3500 block from the pictures provided.

From the look of things, it seems the car crashed into a low stone and the wooden fence as it swayed off the road, straight into the backyard of the affected property. The Mitsubishi Lancer has been spotted sitting submerged in the swimming pool. Luckily, no casualty was reported. We might be telling a different story today if someone was around the pool area as at the time the red lancer crashed into it.

We are not certain what will be the legal implication for this drover of this red Lancer in this case, but we are sure he will be paying a huge fine if convicted of this damage inflicted on a property. Worst case scenario, he may end up losing his driving license, while he will be placed on certain restriction.

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