See the moment when NFL Odell Beckham Jr. took his Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan on London road trip

Odell might have envisaged the outbreak of the COVID-19 after all since he decided to flex a bit before the mandatory lockdown. It was off-season for NFL and this gave Odell Beckham enough time to visit one of his favorite places on earth, London!

NFL star expressing his love for London while taking his Black Badge SUV on short trip in London

During his road adventure, He took his luxury Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan SUV for a short drive on the streets, while showing how much he loves England. Looks like Odell really had much fun enough to last him for weeks in isolation.

Odell took his Rolls Royce Black Badge SUV out to London street during NFL break

Born 5 November 1992, Odell Beckham is a popular American football player for the Cleveland Browns. Presently, he has a net worth of $25 million, enough to buy any car he so desires.

Odell Beckham Jr. X Rolls-Royce

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