COVID-19: 500 vehicles impounded in Lagos by police over massive gridlock

Despite the lockdown order in Lagos, FCT and Ogun State over the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the country, it seems people are beginning to undermine the importance of ‘stay at home order’. For some days now, just 7 days into the total lockdown that was supposed to last for 2 weeks, massive traffic … Read more

COVID-19: See how Hyundai is using tweaked logo to promote social distancing

Hyundai like many car manufacturers is promoting social distancing with their newly tweaked brand’s logo. This tweaked logo will help create awareness campaign against the spread of the deadly coronavirus. As we all know, the virus has been hitting many countries, creating panic from the growing mortality rate of tested people. From what the South … Read more

Bayern star Jerome Boateng disobeys COVID-19 lockdown, crashes Mercedes-AMG S63 `Cabriolet worth ₦69.5m

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many countries have been on total lockdown to avoid the spread of the virus within their walls. Despite the restriction placed on movement, many people have been caught defiling this order. One of such cases was when Bayern senior football club player Jerome Boateng reportedly crashed his luxury Mercedes-Benz … Read more

Ford and FCA reveal additional deaths of workers with coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has caused more havoc in all strands of life than we could ever imagine. The auto industry has taken a major hit as a result of the negative impact of this covid-19 on production, sales as well as supplies. Just recently, the American automaker Ford has disclosed the death of the 5th … Read more

Covid-19: Audi is telling you to check these blockbuster films out where its models are featured

If you are movie enthusiast, this exciting piece will really interest you enough to make social distancing worthwhile experience for you. Audi has come up with 15 recommended films for car lovers across the planet where their models are featured. For the past 40 years, Audi and movies have had lots of works together. One … Read more