Hyundai like many car manufacturers is promoting social distancing with their newly tweaked brand’s logo. This tweaked logo will help create awareness campaign against the spread of the deadly coronavirus. As we all know, the virus has been hitting many countries, creating panic from the growing mortality rate of tested people.

Hyundai has been promoting social distancing with its tweaked logo

From what the South Korean manufacturer tweeted recently, the company has used the medium to unveil this newly tweaked logo showing elbows jamming unlike the uninitiated logo of two people having handshake. This is a clear representation of risk of shaking hands amidst this coronavirus.

The newly tweaked logo of Hyundai is to create public awareness on the deadly coronavirus

Hyundai has stayed has been very proactive towards curtailing the deadly virus these few weeks. Just recently, the car maker made an announcement of the possible extension of the vehicle warranties till 30 June, this year. Genesis and Hyundai also revealed that they will be covering up to 6 car loan payments of clients who had lost their jobs as a result of the global pandemic.

Hyundai has shown us what social distancing means via its newly unveiled logo

Please safe stay!

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