The 2020 Audi RS Q8 is an exact synonym for super SUV

If you are on the hunt for one of the best looking Sport Utility Vehicles in the market right now, we will surely advise you to take a good look at the Audi RS Q8. Everything about this SUV speaks luxury and power. The only SUV that comes to mind when we were looking for close rival was the Lamborghini Urus SUV.

The super SUV Audi RS Q8 offers a sporty and intimidating look

The 2020 Audi RS Q8 comes fitted with a V8 twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter engine as standard. While offering ranges of powertrains depending on what the cusomers actually want as far as road performance is concerned. Its engine is powerful enough to generate an output of 591 horsepower and 590 pound feet of torque. This is obviously more than what most SUVs in town will be able to offer.

The RS Q8 offers a mild hybrid variant with powerful road potency

The question is: at what cost? Well, it will take you back with a base price of $113,000. What makes this RS Q8 to edge over the Urus is the fact that its engine can work well with 48-volt electrical system. By implication, this makes it hybrid model strong enough to shut down its engine and coast as well.

Its interior design is packed with high-tech driving features

On the inside, the 2020 Audi RS Q8 is well styled with premium materials. Its edges are quite sharp with angular surfaces. While some of us might be bothered by the fingerprint magnet from the piano black trim on the dashboard, the super SUV offers exiting features such as massive infotainment system, digital instrument cluster and the HVAC system controlled by a secondary touchscreen.

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What do you think of this super SUV?

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