While we are flying over the moon prior to the imminent launch of the Rimac C_Two, this futuristic concept from the year 2080 dubbed Rimac Scalatan Vision is one hell of an outlandish way designer Maximilian Schneider is making us thirst for eternal elixir. We all hope we are all alive by the year 2080 to witness this hypercar right on the streets.

The Rimac Scalatan is the hypercar for the future

As part of the Rimac Design Challenge that was held recently on Instagram, the designer created this masterpiece for the Croatia-based car maker, who requested for 2080 automotive design. By all indication, we could see why this particular design by Schneider was handpicked as the undisputed winner of the company’s social media design challenge for the future.

The future concept will be built from 3D-carbonprinted titanium-graphite frame

This flawless vision is created around a remarkably strong 3D-carbonprinted titanium-graphite frame. Interestingly, this material is quite light despite its massive strength.  The designer has envisioned the Rimac Scalatan to offer a generative output of 3,080 horsepower. From what we learnt, the hypercar will weigh as much as 2,072 lbs., which could make the upcoming Rimac C-Two heavy and under-powered.

With 3,080 hp pumped out of its engine, it is set to be an autonomous hypercar

The fact that the Rimac Scalatan’s tires will utilize the memory carbon nanotube tech is a captivating part we couldn’t overlook. The beauty of this is: the fitted tires will be able to change their surface patch and thread based on needed grip at such time. According to report, these wheels will be extremely light (5 times lighter) when compared to regular wheel.

The Rimac Scalatan’ s tires are expected to switch their surface patch and thread, depending on the terrain

The futuristic Rimac Scalatan will offer high-tech self-driving system by the year 2080, taking care of necessary road duties. Regardless, drivers will be given chance to take charge of their cars if they so like.

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If truly Rimac Scalatan is what we are looking forward to by the year 2080, maybe we should dive right into the future now.

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