For car lovers, there isn’t much time to waste but to give the new Toyota GR Supra a facelift as well as performance upgrade. This was made quite possible by the guys at Papadakis Racing, who are presently in the process of creating a super drift version to be driven by Fredric Aosbo, a professional drifter.

The modified Toyota GR Supra is the ultimate drift car

What catches your attention when you take a look at this modified Toyota GR Supra is that widebody kit, including wheel arches and flared rear for the perfect fitment of the aftermarket wheels while also giving the person behind the wheel sufficient steering angle for a remarkable drift.

The Toyota GR Supra drifter features the Rockstar Energy drink colours on its outside look

These newly equipped arches will change the stance of this Toyota model and create more aggressiveness. Well, it looks like the yellow and black livery of Rockstar Energy Drink has been added to the car.

To make this Toyota GR Supra A90 the benchmark of ultimate drift car, several visible changes have been made right under its skin, which includes braking components and bespoke suspension. The powertrain has been upgraded as well.

The ultimate drift machine will feature the B58 engine with an output of 1,000 horsepower

One of the first engine builders to start the modification of the Supra’s powertrain was Stephan Papadakis, who originally created the B58 engine last November at the SEMA Auto Show in 2019. The engine built by him comes fitted with an output of 1,000 horsepower and the modified powertrain has been put to test already on the dyno.

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Although this modified Toyota GR Super isn’t the first drifter to be seen but we are pretty sure it is the first to come fitted with the standard B58 engine associated with the built version of the model. There are others, but this is quite special!

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