Don’t be fooled by its rugged exterior look, the newest creation from the Legacy Overland is quite tasty and its interior is pleasing to the eyes. The new edition is inspired by the former military Land Rover 90.


Most notable car collectors like Jay leno and co are quite popular for their obsession with vintage cars. A classic car that has gone through restorative process usually turns out better than it was in its original state.


This classic Land Rover was in a bad state before Legacy Overland took up the challenge and transformed it into a remarkable road machine.

This restored Land is now powered by a V8 6.2-liter LS3 crate engine with an output of 450 horsepower, all mated to a 5-speed manual NV4500 transmission. From what we learnt, its chassis was galvanized in hot dip to make sure its lasts long enough.


The production team has done an upgrade to meet up with its newly expected performance level. Some of the updated features include an upgraded transfer case with heavy-duty internals and sleeved casing, front and rear limited-slip differentials, torque-biasing center differential, heavy-duty suspension with sway bars, heavy-duty half-shafts and disc brake upgrade (Wilwood) with 6 calipers in the front and 4 at the back.


The V8 engine can now properly ease its throat and glides over any terrain in deep rumble with the help of the newly added custom-made exhaust system. The restored Land Rover Defender offer an exterior look well styled in Quantum Gray coupled with dots of grey and black accents. Other remarkable body updates worthy of mention are the lamp bezels, heritage grille, lower body diamond plaiting and ebony black side runners.


What stands out mostly on this model is its new cabin design. It offers an exquisite feel of Porsches made in the 80s. The upholstery and front bucket seats are undoubtedly Porsche-inspired. The steering wheel made from wood is a Momo Indy touché while the roof and the walls are soaked in charcoal suede.

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