Sometimes ago, we featured supercars made from cardboard on this blog. Well, this new discovery is about to sweep you off your feet. It is in indeed a masterpiece made by one of the most impressive craftsmen around.


Ordinarily, the type of positive reviews on this Ford Range Raptor pickup truck is all over the roof. Since its debut, it has been given a lot of pickup lovers something to be excited about despite the emergence of covid-19 on the planet. It is dubbed to be a monstrous off-road truck for all purposes.


Since it is a remarkable model, we weren’t that shocked to see someone come up with a wooden version of it. What actually shocked us is the level of attention put to into it and the functionality. This wooden Ford Ranger Raptor was revealed recently by a Youtuber to the delight of many internet users.

Wood Carving – FORD RANGER RAPTOR 2020 – Woodworking Art

The wood specialist began its creation from a huge chunk of wood before proceeding to carve its body from using drill and chisel. Surprisingly, the entire process looks so straightforward in the video, but we shouldn’t fall for that yet.


It takes a whole lot of dedication and ingenuity to be able to carve something like this out that looks exactly like the original version of the truck.


The craftsman has been building these types of stuff and they have all proven to feature functional chassis. After he carved out the body of the wooden Ford Ranger with doors and hood, he made use of chisel and drill to refine the fascias at the front of the truck as well as the rear. To make it look more life-like, he decided to use wood to carve out the Goodyear Wrangler tires seen on the original pickup.


The wooden Ford Ranger Raptor offers an operational suspension and a well simplified steering system. It also features carved-out engine area with small chains and screws to form the functional tailgate.  One thing that couldn’t elude our attention is the presence of side steps found on the Raptor pickup.

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