According to a new traffic report, a Toyota Corolla was damaged after hitting a RAV4 recently in Australia.

The incident took place in May in Liverpool, New South Wales and was captured by dashcam. The clip shows the moment when an old-looking RAV4 turned left onto the road having picked a gap in the traffic. While the driver could have taken the turn safely had they stayed in the left lane and accelerated hard enough to not disrupt the traffic flow. Unfortunately, they did not do that.

Instead, the person behind the wheel of this compact SUV drifted right into the right lane and ended up cutting off a black Corolla. This caused its driver to get stuck and in the process ended up clipping the driver’s side rear wheel of the RAV4 at such a horrific angle, which made the Corolla flip up into the air and roll. The car also clipped the rear side of silver Toyota Hilux, and slammed into the front side of the cammer’s vehicle.


Although we do not have the picture of what happened to the vehicles, especially the Toyota Corolla, the RAV4 and cammer’s vehicle, from the clip shared on YouTube, we could see that two of the vehicles were considered to be beyond repair. Luckily, no one sustained any injuries from this fatal crash.

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