Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 recalled over fire risk

According to the latest report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 are being confronted with another safety recall. Fortunately, no such case of casualty has been reported yet prior to the issue. However, the defect if not attended to, could cause fire incident.


The fault, listed as NHTSA Campaign Number 20V700000, lies in the improper welded fuel tanks of BMW Z4 cars manufactured from the 26th of June last year to 9th of July, 2020, and the Toyota Supra supercars produced from the 19th Of April, 2019 to 16th of July, 2019.

From the documents released by NHTSA, the weld between 2 halves might not have been performing to their specifications. As a result of this weld questionable condition, there is a possible risk of fuel risk, leading to fire. Interestingly, the fix is quite simple. All they need to do is replacing this fuel tank, at no cost.


The total recalled units are 35 Toyota Supras and 14 BMW Z4s, all of which are with such possible problem. However, the safety agency didn’t reveal the affected VIN in the released documents. If you suspect that your 2-seater sport coupe is part of the recall, do not wait for it to get out of hand before you place a call to your car dealer.


The last recall we were aware of that involved these two models was in 2019, when 7 Supras were recalled over defect of seatbelt guild loop mount. In that same period, nearly all BMWs, Rolls-Royces and Supras were recalled for backup camera defect. At the closing period of 2019, a total of 245 examples of BMW Z4s, BMW 3 Series and Toyota Supra were recalled for headlights defect.

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