Try Not To Shed A Tear Over C8 Corvette Crushed By A Maserati On A Transport Truck

It must have been a very sad day for the owner of a red C8 Corvette after the car was damaged while being transported.

This image was recently shared to the Custom Corvettes page on Facebook and shows a C8 ‘Vette on the back of a car transporter truck. Sadly, it has been crushed, seemingly due to an issue with the truck.

The Corvette is sitting on the lower level of the transporter while a white sedan, which appears to be a Maserati, rests on a ramp on the second level of the truck. For some reason, the second level of the truck appears to have collapsed, dropping the Maserati into the Corvette.

Further details about the incident aren’t known. The Corvette appears to be a used example but it isn’t clear if it was on the way to a new owner or if the owner was simply transporting it somewhere. Whatever the case may be, repairing the sports car will not be cheap – if the car isn’t deemed a write-off, that is.


This isn’t the first time a Corvette has been involved in a particularly unfortunate incident. Back in March, a bright blue example was destroyed after being dropped from a two-post car lift. This incident came roughly nine months after a red C8 Corvette also fell off a two-post car lift.

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