What is United Services Automobile Association (USAA) insurance?

What should I know about USAA auto insurance?

Why are you curious about this USAA Auto Insurance? Well, there are many other people who want to know more about this program just like you. The only problem is that most websites make it difficult, confusing and boring. Unfortunately, it offers awesome benefits that most people overlook or stop reading at first stage. Before you drop this piece into the trash bin like most articles you have seen online, pause a little bit and just spare us 5 minutes of your time. We promise we will make it worthwhile. 


Are you interested in getting a new auto insurer for your vehicle? More importantly, a car insurer with a great reliability score. Well, USAA auto insurance is the perfect answer to your troubles. In fact, it is one of the most credible and highly rated auto insurance companies in the US. enough of this praise, let’s get down to business.

The United Services Automobile Association has been listed by many experts as the most credible car insurance firm when it comes to customers’ satisfaction. However, you need to know that the USAA auto insurance might come cheap, but it is only limited to a particular section of the country. This takes us straight to the next question:

Who is eligible?

The USAA is only limited to those that have affiliation with the military especially via family ties. So, you can only join if you are presently serving in the United States Marine, Coast Guards, National Guard and Reserves, Navy, Army and the Air Force. Those who have been discharged honorably from these units of the military can also participate in this insurance scheme. Another set of people that can participate in this insurance scheme are the widowers, widows, former spouses and children of members of USAA. recently commissioned officers can also take part. If you are in the United States service academies, you are also allowed whether on ROTC scholarship or not. Regrettably, this has reduced the section of the population that can benefit from this auto scheme. 

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What do you enjoy as a member of the USAA auto insurance?

If you are under the USAA auto insurance scheme for your vehicle, there are some discounts you enjoy. These discounts include safe driver discounts for five years of clean driving record, defensive driving discounts for those without accident for three years, good student discounts for those with impressive grades, new vehicle discount for vehicle that is not more than 3 years, multiple-vehicle discount for drivers who are 29 and above and family discount for dependent under the age of 25 with good driving record. There is also the vehicle storage discount which is available for those who have stored their car in a safe location after deployment. 

How much is USAA auto insurance?

Switching to USAA will save you a lot of money. We know its insurance companies love to convince their potential customers on the possibility of saving money. You can check this by comparing their insurance plan with other insurance companies offering similar services. They are also flexible considering that their members have other financial commitments. This means: you can create your convenient payment plan at no additional fee. 

Note: USAA auto insurance allows accident forgiveness if you have gone 5 years without being involved in an accident. However, this does not apply to those living in California, New York, North Carolina, Delaware and Connecticut.

Aside from auto insurance, the USAA also offers other insurance plans with discounts. These include renters’ insurances, life insurances, flood insurances, umbrella insurance, small scale business insurance, rental insurance and many others. You can also opt out of the service anytime you want.

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We understand that there is no flawless insurance company out there. However, some will give you a good offer for your money. The USAA auto insurance has been serving servicemen and their families for a long time.