10 best cars for dog owners you will find

I. Introduction – What is the best car for dog owners?

As dog owners, you are likely going to be confronted with the challenge of finding a suitable car for your pet, especially for short and long trips. While dogs can naturally fit into most cars regardless of their size, some vehicles will provide you with enough comfort on the road. 


Another important factor we cannot overlook is the size of your dog. Or should we say the weight of the dog. There are a lot of outdoor activities you wouldn’t want your favorite pet in the world to miss out from. So, getting the best car for your dog can end up being one of the best decisions you will make in the long run.

Dogs have proven to be good companionship to their respective owners, as well as being used for security. There is a popular saying that dogs can be more loyal than humans. Rewarding such loyalty with a perfect ride is not too much to ask of you.


Some vehicles are pet-friendly right from the factory line. The presence of features such as adjustable rear cargo tracks, divider, automatic liftgate, rear climate controls, cargo cover, all-weather mat and electronically controlled fold-flat seats. Here on Roadniche are the 10 best cars for dog owners:

II. 10 Best cars for dog owners

1. Mercedes-Benz E400 Wagon

Wagons are known for their cabin space. This Mercedes-Benz E400 Wagon isn’t an exception to such luxury. It offers a fold-flat cargo that can come very handy for those who love to take their dogs to the beach or other outdoor events. The interesting thing about this car is that it comes equipped with a deep boot tub that allows you to take any dog without soiling the back seat with dirt. It is also easy to remove and clean.


As a dog owner, you could decide to add the “Load still protector” to the package, which is obviously optional on this model. The benefit of such is that it will prevent the dog from scratching the back of your car while trying to jump in or getting out.

2. Nissan Titan

This is exciting news for those who love pickups and own dogs as well. This Nissan Titan is one the best cars for dogs owners anywhere in the world. It features a plethora of features that make driving with a dog inside quite easy, whether on smooth or rough terrain. The cabin is comfy and your dog can enjoy the sweet breeze on the road by roaming freely at the truck’s bed. If you are particular about safety, there is more than enough space for your pet inside. 


The Nissan Titan Crew Cab comes with some exciting configurations such as benches, folded flush and optional rear seat cargo organizer on board, making it easy to move around with your dog without stress. It also allows you to go on hunting or fishing expeditions with your dog. 

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3. Ford Transit Connect

If you own many dogs, buying a van might be one of the smartest ideas out there. This Ford Transit Connect offers more than enough space for your pets. As long as you are not transporting a dinosaur, you are pretty in good hands. 


Another good thing about this van for dog owners is that it can be easily modified to your needs. Your dog will have no issue getting out or accessing the van due to its lower ride height. The lack of carpet and upholstery in the fleet version makes it easy to clean quickly. It also offers a safe partition for the dogs and other occupants.

4. Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen Atlas is one of the most spacious SUVs out there. It features a large cargo area of 96.8 cubic feet, especially when you fold the second and third row seats. It is a perfect car for those who own large dogs.


One interesting version is the Weekend Edition, which we believe dog owners might want to check out. This model features a divider, which is pet-friendly.

5. Honda Odyssey

The award-winning Honda Odyssey is among the best cars for dog owners with a larger than expected interior design. Its Magic slide seating system and fold-flat third row make it easy to transport any type of dog, whether long or short journey. 

2021 Honda Odyssey

The availability of features such as tri-zone automatic climate control, second and third row sunshades, Cabin Watch setup will give you and your dogs the needed comfort on the road. The interior material helps to conceal stains and the onboard vacuum gives u that clean cabin. 

6. Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado isn’t just a powerful pickup but a suitable one for dog owners as well. The fact that it comes fitted with an all-weather mat makes it a desired car for dogs. Its low-ride tailgate makes it easy for pup to hop in and the vinyl seats are really easy to clean.


The Colorado pickup also features dog-kennel-ready GearOn utility track and 13 bed tie-downs, storage bin underneath the rear bench, spacious interior and EZ Lift-and-Lower tailgate. This gives your dog options to either stay with you in the cabin or stay on the bed. 

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7. Volvo XC60

What makes the Volvo XC60 one of the best cars for dog owners is its sturdy interior, safety and ride height. It serves the outdoor moment with your dog pretty well. The XC60 offers an optional dog gate in the rear, which could prevent them from falling off the car when the tailgate is open. It is big enough to take two dogs with a divider and protective grille.


This protective grille protects the dogs from being thrown forward into the cabin. The optional divider will ensure the dogs are kept away from the luggage. Also, in case of collision, this divider will safeguard the dog as well as other occupants in the car.

8. Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular models from the Japanese carmaker. More often than none, a lot of dog owners own this model without knowing the gem they have on their hands. The CR-V comes with a lower loading height and large windows at the rear for looking out. It has an impressive legroom and enough space to put your dog inside.


The new Honda CR-V is longer than the previous model and can easily be modified to serve your purpose. You can adjust the rear stow space, lower it and raise it as well for more cargo space. Your dog will be so happy spending quality time with you in this car.

9. Land Rover Discovery

Talk of luxury, performance and dog, guess you have your answer right here. With the presence of a spacious rear cargo hold and split tailgate, you are about to have an exciting time with your pet. The dogs will find it easy to enter due to this optional air suspension which allows you to lower the rear hatch.


The Land Rover Discovery features the Intelligent Seat Fold Technology, which allows the owner to reconfigure the second and third row seats just by toggling the switches in the rear cargo hold. This can be operated from the touchscreen placed in the center console or via app on the smartphone.

10. Subaru Outback

Dog owners have always loved to have the Subaru Outback in their driveway. The new version comes with a well-protected interior and back of the car allows you to secure your pets and prevent them from falling off. 


The Subaru Outback makes our top 10 of best cars for dog owners due to its off-road capabilities and impressive handling on the road. There is enough space to keep your dog happy with you on your next adventure.

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