Removing stickers from your car might look pretty easy, but it could be a nightmare for many car owners. It is sometimes harder than expected. Some bumper stickers can be glued for many years. Many of car owners in Nigeria either put the stickers themselves or they got their cars with stickers. Either way, we are not here to put blame on any party. Having stickers on car could be fun at times, but we might end up getting tired of it.

Having stickers on the car could become nightmare for many car owners

The bad news here is: it will take you more than powerful fingernails to get them peeled off. It could be very tiring removing those stickers on the dash, windshield or any part of your car. This often happens to those who do not have enough know-how on getting these stickers off.

Here on Cars9ja, we will be showing you how you can get rid of these stickers off your car in no time, with the use of adhesive remover or any available product. We will also show you how you can remove tough stickers or glue from the glass. Do not forget that when you wrongly remove stickers from the windows, it leaves a residue, making the window look so unclean.

Easy ways of removing stickers from your car

Before you proceed, there are certain items you will need to make this process successful. The kinds of tools you will get depend on the area where you need the sticker removed. It will be required of you to get your hands on more tools if you are working on the glass as compared to other parts. To avoid scratches or scrapes, it is important you get a full compilation of your car’s tool kit as well as DIY methods to go about it.

It is recommended you move the dryer around the sticker to ease its removal

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Items needed

  1. A hair dryer – to loosen the glue
  2. A razor blade – to work on the glass
  3. Credit card or related item – to use on the bodywork of the car
  4. Neat, soft and colourfast clothes – to use for both bodywork and glass
  5. Glass cleaner – for bodywork and glass
  6. Adhesive remover/tree sap remover – for both bodywork and glass
  7. Detailing spray – glass and bodywork
Use razor blade on the glass only

How to implement these items when removing stickers from the car

  1. As a car owner, the first thing you need to do is making sure the surrounding area with the sticker is clean enough. To do so, you can take your car for a wash before starting the process of removing the sticker. This will aid the loosening of the glue on the sticker via the heated water.
  2. At this stage, you need to make use of hair dryer on this sticker. The hair dryer must be at its hottest and the air must be directed from the sticker in just few inches away. Do not allow the dryer to get in contact with the sticker or car paint. When you do so, it leaves a permanent mark on it.
  3. After waiting for few seconds, move the hot air close to the whole sticker. This will allow the loosening of the edges. You need to be patient to see good result since it might not be visible to the eyes at the beginning. Once you do this, it makes the removal of the sticker quite easy.
  4. This is the point where you will make use of the credit card or something similar. You will use it to lift the edges of this sticker. Although, you can use your fingernails, but we recommend you use the credit card.
  5. Keep pushing the card underneath this sticker until the sticker is completely ridden from the surface.
  6. It is absolutely normal to have residue on the surface especially for long-tern stickers. All you need to do is repeating the steps or get your hands on designated adhesive remover. In fact, we learnt that tree sap remover can also do the job effectively.
You need to be patient when removing the stickers from the surface

Just make sure you have colourfast cloth with you and small drop of the bottle to completely wipe out any remnant on the surface. You can also repeat the same using glass cleaning spray on the windshield, using another neat, colourfast cloth. Once you follow these instructions diligently, the surface of your car where the sticker was would be as good as new.

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How Do I Remove a Sticker From My Car?

NB: when you are attempting to remove glue from car’s glass or windshield, you can make use of box cutter or razor blade. Under no circumstance must you use razor blade on the paint. This is because the glass can afford to withstand more pressure than the paint on your car.

Final note

It is obviously easy to remove bumper sticker from your car as long as you know the relevant tools and steps to use. Avoid taking shortcuts. Shortcuts can impair the paint-job on your car, hereby incurring more debt on u.

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