12 vehicles belonging to customers suffer serious damage during a Spar mall collapse in Calabar

What could have turned out o be a catastrophic incident was a bit prevented when the massive billboard owned by Spar shopping mall crashed and inflicted serious damage on customers’ vehicles.

The recent collapse damage 12 customers’ vehicles in Spar shopping mall

According to report, the incident that sent many people running for their safety happened at 3pm last Thursday.

Mrs. Kemi, who happens to be the manager of the mall, revealed that investigation is currently going on as to what caused the collapse.

The manager of the shopping mall has promised to pay for the repair of the 12 affected vehicles

The mall manager also promised to take care of the repair on the 12 vehicles belonging to cusomers during the mishap.

Kemi said:

“We are grateful to God that nobody, none of our esteemed customers was killed or injured.  We are picking the bills for the overall repairs of the affected 12 vehicles.

One of the affected vehicle owners has vowed to sue the owners of the mall for lack of safety measures

She further said:

“We have also assured the owners of the vehicles that we shall provide mobility for them throughout the period their vehicle would be under repair.

“We shall look at issue of compensations to the affected persons, but they should give us time,”

From a new report, the owners of the shopping mall might visit court anytime soon as one of the affected clients vowed to sue them for not putting proper safety and preventive measure in place.

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