Car thief busted after asking police officer for directions

This has to be one of the funniest stories you will find on the internet this week. First, what gave the car thief the effrontery to approach a police officer for directions? One would say it was a daredevil approach but it all ended badly for the driver. At least, the real owner of the car will sleep well from now.


According to a report, a 35 year-old man was nabbed in Chicago after asking a police officer for driving a car he allegedly stole.

The news report stated that:

“Upon arrival, officers determined that the victim left their vehicle running and unlocked while they went into the store to make a purchase. The victim exited the store to find that their vehicle was gone,” 

From the report, another police officer was about three miles away from the gas station where he was carrying out an investigation of a possible traffic crash when this man arrived in the stolen car and approached the officer for directions.

Interestingly, the officer at first couldn’t imagine a car thief asking him for directions. Unknowingly, he gave him the directions before realizing that the car he was in matches the description of a reported stolen car.

The officer therefore made more inquiry and released the car as truly stolen. He later conducted a traffic stop on the car and took the driver into custody without incident.

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