12 ways you can avoid contracting coronavirus in public transport

Despite the outbreak of coronavirus, there is no way we can undermine the importance of public transport in Nigeria, most especially in our daily lives. Not only do they help us reach our destination, they also create sustainable means of livelihood for others while bolstering the nation’s economy at the same time.

Taking of public transport in densely populated places like Lagos might expose one to risk of coronavirus

Just like Lagos and other densely populated places in Nigeria, we are usually confronted with one issue or the other attributed to the way public transportation is poorly managed. The risks these public buses pose to public health cannot be over-emphasized.  A time like this when the deadly coronavirus continues to spread within and beyond the four walls of Nigeria, we end up asking oneself if it is really safe to board a public transport and not risk contracting the deadly coronavirus from other passengers. Here on Cars9ja.com.ng, are the ways we can avoid contracting coronavirus from public transports.

Ways of safeguarding oneself from contracting deadly coronavirus inside public transport

Refrain from taking public bus

Although we have various means of public transport in Nigeria either for short or long distances, but you really need to avoid taking public buses amidst this coronavirus. Most public buses are not properly managed, hereby exposing people to risk of getting infected with the virus. The unsanitary state of these buses coupled with the seating arrangement makes you very vulnerable. For your own safety, avoid public bus like plague for now.

Taking public transport amidst this deadly coronavirus is not advisable for your safety

It is safe to trek

We are obviously not saying you should trek from Lagos to Abuja but is safe to take short walk rather than expose yourself to risk associated with public transport. Why should you do this? It will help you maintain good health while avoiding person-to-person contact necessary for the virus to spread.

It is to safe to trek to reduce person to person contact in the fight against coronavirus

Always wash your hands

Whenever you disembark from any public transport, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly especially when you get to your destination. Sometimes, the door handles, meta-poles, seat belts and other surfaces might be infested with the deadly coronavirus. When you touch them, you are at a risk of getting the virus. Most importantly, avoid touching your eyes, nose or other sensitive parts before you wash your hands.

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Always move around with hand sanitizer

This is not the time to be forming ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ as everyone is at risk of vulnerability to this global pandemic. One of the most effect ways of curbing the spread of this coronavirus is by moving around with alcohol-based sanitizer for hand. Before you board or when you are boarding public transport, remember to apply this sanitizer on your hands. If possible, share with your neighbor.

Always use hand sanitizer when boarding public transport

Refrain from holding handrails or other surfaces

If you are a Lagosian, handrails should be a regular thing to your eyes especially when you board BRT. These handrails are also found on trains. It provides enough support and stability for standing passengers inside these buses while on transit or those in trains.

Refrain from using handrails found mostly in buses and trains

According to report from confirmed sources, coronavirus can stay on handrails and other surfaces for a long time. Avoid using them and if by mistake you touch one, make sure you wash your hand with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

Get yourself a hand glove

Since the state of many public buses is nothing to write home about, it is important you wear hand glove to avoid being a victim of this virus. Public transport is accessible by a lot of people, who end up touching many parts with their hands. When you wear hand glove, it saves you from touching these dirty surfaces.

Always wear a face mask

It is safe to wear a face mask when outside your home. The face mask when worn correctly will help you to prevent coronavirus especially during face to face communication. It is also recommended for those showing signs such as sneezing and coughing. A good face mask will help eliminate possible case of droplets from an unknown infected person.

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Here is a video on how to properly wear face mask in preventing coronavirus:

When and how to wear medical masks to protect against the new coronavirus?

Ride a bicycle

Since you cannot start trekking to long distances or over a long period of time especially under scorching sun, you should get yourself a bicycle. Bicycles come handy at a time like this as perfect substitute for public transports. The good thing is; while you are riding bicycle to avoid contracting the virus, you are also improving your heath or general well-being.

Be wary of next person

It is important to know that not every sick person you meet in public transport is a carrier of the coronavirus, but it wouldn’t hurt to be extra careful around them. When you notice the person beside you is exhibiting coronavirus-like symptoms like sneezing and shivering, please move away from there.

Be wary of person next to you when boarding public transport

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Always check your seat before you sit

This may sound funny to many but it is quite necessary for your safety. Inspect the seat you want to sit on and avoid visibly soiled seat as much as possible. If the seat is assigned to you, do not hesitate to politely complain and ask to be moved to another seat.

Maintain required social distancing

Social distancing is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods in the fight against the coronavirus. It helps to limit the unhealthy contact between the infected and uninfected, hereby inhibiting the spread of the virus. Performing social distancing inside public transports is a bit close to impossible. This is why we have provided you with alternative ways you can get to your destination without person-to-person-contact.

Maintain proper social distance in the wake of the fight against covid-19

Knowing it is important for some people to move around, it is safer to stay at home except it is absolutely necessary. The recommended length of distancing yourself from other person in public places is 6 feet radius.

Reschedule or cancel your air trips

It is wise for you to cancel air trip especially in high affected places. Except it is a matter of life and death, rescheduling or cancelling your air trip is a way forward in limiting the spread of the coronavirus.


Avoiding public transport might look impossible to many due to many reasons. Remember that many people are dying from this coronavirus with the code name COVID-19 every minute.

Stay indoor! Stay safe!

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