From a new report, 3 mid-engined Ferrari cars were totaled during a horrific crash that took place last Sunday at the Supercar Show, hosted by CF Charities in Philadelphia. 


A lot of supercars were spotted at this event, where some of them made some stops across the city. The authorities had to block off some parts of the freeway for them to be able to carry out their activities. Just when people were getting the hang of this auto charity event, a driver behind the wheel of a black Ferrari 488 GTB decided to have some fun on the road.


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From the clip shared online, we could see the moment when the Ferrari sped down the left side of the highway with a McLaren 600LT used as the filming car. Shockingly, the Ferrari driver found himself getting too close to another performance car on the road. Instead of braking or attempting to stop the car, they decided to swerve into the center lane. As a result, it kicked out the 488 tail and it went on to crash into the side of a red Ferrari Pista before bouncing off and striking a black Ferrari 458 Italia. 

All the 3 Ferraris ended up against the freeway wall below an overpass. The three supercars suffer irreparable damages, and might likely be sent to the scrapyards. 

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