ABC of private jet charter in Nigeria

Private jet charter is a luxury only few people can afford anywhere in the world. In such case, flying private is an uncommon transportation mode in Nigeria due to cost of buying one. Of course, we agree flying private jet isn’t about traveling in style, but making it possible to be in many places within a short period of time. In Nigeria, celebrities, top business executives, politicians and other very wealthy people are known to charter private jets.

Private jet affords you the luxury to travel in style to anywhere in Nigeria

It is not mandatory to own a private jet to fly in one. There are some individuals and corporate bodies that lease out their private jets to people who are interested in it. Sometimes, people hire private jets for medical emergency, especially to airlift prominent people who are in dire need of immediate medical attention. All in all, the pleasure derived from private jet charter is immeasurable.

1. Private jet charter companies in Nigeria

Are you interested in flying in style? Probably, you have business meetings in 3 cities in just one day. There are some private jets hiring companies in Nigeria that will make such a big plan of yours to become a reality. Some of the popular private jet charter companies in Nigeria include:

  • Arik Air Executive

If you are on the hunt for luxury, comfort, safety and excitement on air while getting to your important appointment in no time, Arik Air Executive like other top jet charter companies in Nigeria will give you such big value for your money. To know more Arik Air private jet service, you can visit their online address@, for more information. They offer hiring services within and outside Nigeria.

  • ExecuJet

ExecuJet offers premium private air service to customers who love to travel privately and promptly. They offer their service anywhere within and outside Nigeria. ExecuJet operates in 6 regions such as Europe, Africa, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. To know more about their services and prices, visit here.

  • PrivateFly

PrivateFly is one of the leading private jet charter companies in the Nigeria. They render exclusive private air service for customers across cities within Nigeria and outside in no time. You can book their private jet via

  • Stargate Jets
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This is a private jet hiring company based in Lagos. Like other leading private jet companies, they offer 24 hours service. Stargate Jets offers private jet and helicopter services. The company renders both domestic and international jet hiring services. To know more about their services, see here.

2. Cost of private jet charter in Nigeria

There isn’t any fixed rate for hiring private jet in Nigeria. Before a private jet is leased out, there are several things the companies in charge put into consideration. These include size of the private aircraft, capacity, location, time and the distance. These companies mentioned above and few others we couldn’t mention offer services on private jet charter in Nigeria at good rates.

Hiring Private jet in Nigeria is common among celebrities and other wealthy personalities

Most of these firms are mostly found in major cities such as Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos. Although their prices might seem the same as long as they are offering identical aircraft model and capacity, but there are few exclusive services some of them render.

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3. Private Jet duration fee

Depending on your need or choice, private jet charter firms in Nigeria are not under any obligation to set fixed prices or rates for their services. Their rates are mostly streamlined towards the length of time you will spend inside their private jets. If you are approaching any private jet company in Nigeria, your fee will be calculated by the time duration while on air.

Private jet’s exquisite cabin offers an exciting air trip

For mist private jet hiring companies in Nigeria, their price for an hour ranges from $3,000 to $6,000. No wonder flying private jet is exclusively reserved for the top Nigerian citizens. Fortunately, to fly across many places in Nigeria, it usually takes 1 hour.

Importantly, you are at liberty to contact any of these private jet companies in Nigeria, to understand fully their travel package and financial commitments for such.

4. Important tips when flying private jet in Nigeria

Before you approach a private jet charter company in Nigeria, there are certain things you need to know.

  1. For domestic flights, it will not be required of you to present your international passports. Domestic or local flight simply means you are travelling from one place to another within the country. International passport will only come handy if you are embarking on any trip outside Nigeria. Regardless, other forms of identification will be requested from you when you are chartering private jet in Nigeria for domestic purpose. It could be your National Identity Card, Voter’s card or any form of identification stipulated by the hiring company.
  2. If you own a pet and intend to travel with it, it will be required of you to provide relevant documents on this pet before you are allowed to take it on board.
  3. Private jets companies can operate their aircraft from many airports based on the customer’s need. This is one thing you cannot enjoy when flying commercial airlines.
  4. The most preferred currency for payment if you intend to hire a private jet service in Nigeria is dollar. However, it doesn’t deter you from making your payment easily. Customers can make use of their MasterCard, direct bank deposit, credit cards, Visa Card and any other acceptable mode of payment.
  5. Private jet charter companies usually add fee for re-positioning of their aircraft in the total cost if the departure destination of the flight is very far from the jet’s home base.
  6. The hiring companies usually provide their customers with enough refreshment when on board.
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5. Is it possible to charter a private jet as a group?

What many people do not know is that you don’t have to be super rich before you fly in private jets. You can hire private jet in Nigeria as a group of people. In such case, the travel fee will be shared among the people making up this group. This is only possible when this group is moving towards the same direction or city. When you travel as a group, the cost of hiring private will not be really felt since it has been divided. It’s a good start for people who want to have a feel of flying in private jet but under tight budget.

6. Final notes

Like earlier iterated, cost of private jet charter in Nigeria isn’t fixed. It depends on the company and you could be lucky enough to enjoy discounts from these companies. After all, this is way of attracting more people to patronize their business/service. Many private jet companies are open to negotiation from serious clients. You are free to check out some of our fascinating car tips here on Cars9ja.

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