How do you tow a car with an automatic transmission?

There have been a lot of talks regarding the series of techniques deployed when towing automatic and manual vehicles. While some are heavily criticized, some are welcomed development. Since modern vehicles come fitted now with the automatic transmission, it is important to note the necessity of understanding how to tow such cars. One thing we are out rightly sure of is that towing an automatic car requires optimal patience and care so as not to damage its transmission system. If it is absolutely necessary to do such, the drive wheel must always be on the ground. While the speed of the towing shouldn’t go beyond 40km/hr, cars with automatic transmission must not be towed over 25 kilometers.

Towing a ca with automatic transmission should be done carefully

The main important thing here is towing the car when every internal system is not active. Here on Cars9ja are key steps to note when towing a car with an automatic transmission.

Important steps on how to tow a car with automatic transmission

Step one

First, you need to know the kind of automatic drivetrain you are towing whether all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive system. It is important you take a quick look at the manufacturer’s manual to know what you should do here. If your vehicle is one with rear-wheel drive system coupled with hitch and tow bar, you should remove the universal joint found on the rear end or differential in order to get the driveshaft dropped. Remember to gentle lower the drive shaft’s end to the floor. Try to get the bolts replaced as well.

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The towing vehicle must be equipped to move the weight of the towed car

Step two

For the second step, you should get the safety bar placed right in front of the vehicle. Make sure every required device is working properly. Raise the tow bar’s tongue gently and check if it’s properly attached to the ball on the towing car. Make sure other safety chains are properly fastened to the towing vehicle. You can use car dolly for cars with front-wheel drive system. All you need to do here is getting the car dolly attached to the towing vehicle. Once it sits on this hitch and properly tightened to the ball, check the safety chains if they are well fastened.

Step three

Before you tow the car, check if every light is working well. Instead of using car dolly or tow bar to tow your automatic car, you can also make use of flatbed without giving yourself much of a headache. While doing this, make sure the wheels are not in any way moving.

Refrain from running too fast when towing a car with automatic transmission

Step four

After the towing vehicle has covered 1 to 2 kilometers, take a stop and inspect the functionality of lights and the hookups as well. Make sure the hitch and safety chains are securely fitted. When all these are in place, you can then resume towing the car. This is very important if you are towing the car with an automatic transmission on a long trip.

Final word

When you diligently adhere to these steps above, you should be able to tow your automatic car without doing any sort of damage to its transmission. We strongly advice you get a helping hand while attempting to tow your car. Also, the hitch and the tow vehicle should be strong enough to handle your towed vehicle’s weight.

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