Aero Cowling Dawn by Rolls Royce is the perfect definition of luxury and exclusivity

Even though Rolls Royce Dawn can only be afforded by fragment of the world’s population, the automaker is coming up with a version that is ridiculously expensive. From what we learnt here on Cars9ja, the bespoke collective of engineers, craftspeople and designers at the company, have come up with the removable Aero Cowling.

Rolls Royce set to make the luxury Dawn more expensive with the removable Aero Cowling

This particular piece was introduced in 2018, which is a conversion of the Rolls Royce Dawn from the luxury 4-seater model to 2-seater luxury roadster. There is also the addition of tonneau cover (extended) atop the 2 seats at the rear.

The Rolls Royce Aero Cowling Dawn is a 2-seater luxury version

The new Rolls Royce Dawn looks more dynamic with its higher-shouldered silhouette. The cowls are now accurately sculpted to the funnel air across the cabin, promising massive comfort for the driver on the road.

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Every cowl is strong and light-weighted. The cover is made from aluminum and carbon fiber, while offering a pair of leather-line lockable storage space for personal effects. When the first Rolls Royce Dawn Aero Cowling made its debut 2 years ago at the Geneva Auto Show, it featured the Casden Tan color scheme and Cassiopeia Silver, while exposed carbon fiber was used for its central spine. Since Launch, this Aero Cowling has been commissioned on many occasions for potential clients.

The Aero Cowling Dawn comes fitted with sculpted cabin funnel air for exciting road trip

One of the earlier versions – Bayside Dawn Aero Dawning, was ordered by someone from Yokohama in Japan. This particular version came blended with remarkable technical fiber, featuring an inspired open-pore teak Canadel paneling from yacht decking.

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2019 Rolls-Royce Dawn Bespoke Aero Cowling – Walkaround 4k

The latest version comes decorated with Dawn Silver Bullet, drawing its inspiration from the 1920s’ Rakish roadster. The tonneau on the Dawn Aero Cowling was finished with vapor-blasted titanium windbreak and super-metallic silver-painted central spine, which are etched with Silhouette and Silver Bullet nameplate.

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