Check out the awesome customized BMW R9T bike from Russian-based Ziller’s Garage

We are often accustomed to seeing different modifications done on different car brands but we rarely see such made on bikes. If you are still holding such opinion, its better you take a look at this BMW motorbike from Ziller’s Garage, a tuning firm from Russia. This breathtaking bike got its inspiration from the steampunk and it worth every penny spent on it. The BMW R9T bike was manufactured in partnership with John Reed Design.

The BMW’s stance has been changed with new suspension setup

To get the perfect possible outcome, the co-operated bodies didn’t do any modification on the inside but changed its outlook by taking BMW’s roadster for a daring look. From the pictures shared online, the bike is now set for racing or any form of road run you have in mind.

All components of the R9T bike have been concealed by the outside shell

The BMW R9T bike now offers an impressively sculpted aluminum shell, light-up BMW badges and custom spoked wheels. The company made use of fabricated aluminum parts to form a shell around it, hereby covering every mechanical component.

The Ziller’s Garage has modified this BMW roadster for Mad Max racing

To get this design, John Reed Design made a sketch using CAD drawing. The suspension setup was later changed by Smolyanov, for lower ground clearance and different stance for the bike. The control with clutch levers and front brakes were also modified by Smolyanov to boost its remote-controlled buttons. With these changes, the air suspension will be well adjusted since every detail on the bike was made right from home.

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Zillers Garage – BMW R nineT

We cannot deny the incredible work done on this bike but the real questions now are; how much will this bike cost? Where in Nigeria do you think this BMW R9T bike can be used?

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