From Bill gate to Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg, we all know how insanely powerful and rich these tech billionaires are and we wonder what they actually drive when they decide to drive simple. They are not all about coding, business meetings or whatever event we could link to these super busy business tycoons. They sure have their taste for cars and you might be lucky enough to catch some of them driving on their own. Jeff Bezos might be the richest man on the planet; does it mean he has the cheapest model when compared with his fellow tech billionaires? This you will find out soon enough. Check them out below:

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

With an estimated net worth of over $75 billion, the Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp owner Mark Zuckerberg is more than capable of acquiring the most insanely expensive cars on the planet. Interestingly, the tech billionaire is a very simple man. He is not the type that spends that much on what he drives or wears despite being the 5th richest man on the planet. Mark Zuckerberg is still very much driving his Honda Fit, Volkswagen hatchback and black Acura TSX, which are all priced within $30,000.


Jeff Bezos – Amazon

When the news broke out that Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon made over $13 billion naira in one day amidst the on-going global pandemic, people were shocked but that didn’t stop it from happening. The world richest man might have spent over $65 million on his Gulfstream G650ER private jet, but he isn’t the type that cares so much about what he drives, as long as he is comfortable and safe on the road. Jeff Bezos has been spotted many times in his Honda Accord car. Jeff Bezos is the biggest among the tech billionaires with an estimated net worth of $178.2 billion.


Elon Musk – Tesla

The Tesla CEO choice of what he drives doesn’t come as a surprise to us at all; After all, he can pick from any of the models manufactured by his company and drive to anywhere he likes. You seriously do not expect the owner of an electric car company to splash cash on luxury cars he is trying to take off market. Elon Musk recently disclosed that he loves driving the award-winning Tesla Model S Performance model. Does this mean he drives only this model? Musk also drives Model X and Model 3 Performance at his leisure time with family. What shocks us mostly is that Elon Musk owns the bitter rival Ford Model T and that of Jaguar – E-Type Series 1 roadster. Elon Musk’s net worth is estimated around $69.4 billion.


Bill Gates – Microsoft

Bill Gates lost his position to Jeff Bezos recently as world’s richest man, a position he has held for so many years. Despite having a net worth of $113.8 billion, the Microsoft man reportedly bought a Porsche 911 supercar and sold it off instantly. Bill Gates might have Porsche 959 model in his garage but he prefers to live simple and spend more in helping the less privileged across the globe though his charity organization.


Michael Dell – Dell

For being a tech billionaire with as much as $27 billion in his account, Michael Dell has some expensive cars in his collection but definitely not comparable to other expensive things he splashes cash on. We learnt he has Hummer H2, Porsche Carrera GT and 2004 Porsche Boxter.

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Larry Ellison – Oracle

Unlike others, the CEO and founder of Oracle Larry Ellison is a bit of a big spender. He loves living large by acquiring luxury things such as cars, yachts, planes and even real estate. Who would blame him since he is worth around $72.4 billion? He reportedly drives expensive models such as McLaren F1, Audi R8, Lexus LS 600H L, and even Lexus LFA. You might want to be friends with him as he loves spoiling his friends with expensive car gifts.


Jack Ma – Alibaba

The chairman and founder of Ali Baba Group, Jack Ma is worth $48.1 billion, making him one of the richest tech billionaires on the planet. Surprisingly, he is very private about his choice of cars. We were only able to find out that he owns a Roewe RX5 SUV, which is slightly priced more than $15,000.


Travis Kalanick – Uber

If Travis Kalanick, who was the former Uber EO, should be splashing big money on anything, we expect it to be on cars. Funny enough, the man himself revealed some years ago that he owns a 1999 BMW M3 convertible with a broken alternator and an expired driver’s license. Travis Kalanick is said to worth $2.6 billion.


Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Google

Being in the top 20 list of the richest people on earth, this powerful duo can afford to buy anything they want from private jets to luxury cars to even yachts. Unfortunately, they are the types the go for expensive cars. From report, they both drive a Toyota Prius model. Sergey Brin is said worth $65.8 billion while Larry Page’s net worth is placed on $69.8 billion.


Richard Branson – Virgin Group

Richard Branson’s net worth is estimated around $4 billion. Although, he isn’t as rich as many tech billionaires we mentioned earlier, but his account is big enough to live a luxury lifestyle. The business tycoon and the face of Virgin Group, drives a Range Rover gifted to him every year by the automaker. He is mostly in his private jet, flying around the planet. He revealed during an interview that the vintage 1968 Morris Minor was his very first car.



These big boys are the faces behind the biggest revenue generating tech companies on the planet. Yet, most of them prefer to dress and drive simple. Some of these tech billionaires drive average or regular cars despite their insane net worth.

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