Check out this powerful track-oriented Lamborghini Huracan dubbed Zyrus LP1200

For those who are both fans of Lamborghini Huracan and extreme speed, an auto performance tuning firm has brought you this beautiful gift to wet your wild appetite. This insane modified model is focused solely on track and we doubt if there is any version of it somewhere on the planet.


The Norwegian-based company Zyrus is the one responsible for this awesome madness known as LP1200. From what we discovered, this company has been running a campaign on one Huracan Super Trofeo in the country’s Extreme GT Championship, hereby tapping into its massive knowledge on racing to create this masterpiece. Interestingly, some of these LP1200 models to be manufactured can be driven on regular roads.


The Norwegian company is set on creating 24 units of this powerful Lamborghini Huracan. From report, half of the produced LP1200 will be road-legal, while the other half will be used only on the racing track. The Huracan LP1200 will offer a powerful V10 turbocharged 5.2-liter engine with an insane generative output of 1,200 horsepower.


You might be a bit wrong if you think the turbocharger engine is the sole reason for this powerful output. Other significant contributors include the titanium exhaust, Motec ECU and the iconel manifold. Zyrus has also replaced the original dual-clutch transmission on the model with more powerful Ztrac racing gearbox.


Other visible changes made on this Huracan LP1200 include custom fiber parts, new sides, all-front front fascia, massive diffuser, new fixed wing at the rear and flared wheel arches. These supercool modified features are responsible for the generation of downforce of 2,645 lbs while maintaining its 1200 body weight.

On the side, a lot has been changed on its cabin design. Just few things were retained from the original model.

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