Things are getting pretty out of hands in the United States since the outbreak of this deadly virus, ravaging other countries on the planet as well. Just like Lagos in Nigeria, major cities in the US are also experiencing surge in the number of tested cases.

2 hospitals in New York have converted refrigeration trucks into makeshift morgues

From a new report, the state of New York is now making use of makeshift refrigerated trailers for mortuary since the number of death cases keep increasing on daily basis. These makeshift morgues are situated outside 2 hospitals in the city.

According to additional information, an estimated 385 persons have lost their lives from this deadly coronavirus in New York alone, from a confirmed 37,000 cases.

This make-shift mortuary will be used to house dead bodies from the deadly coronavirus

If we could recall, the last time the city experienced such a high death toll was on 11 September 2001 during a terrorist attack. The growing body count is beginning to place a lot of questions on the U.S heath system.

white tents were also set up outside the hospitals in New York

Several refrigeration trucks were positioned at the makeshift mortuary site located along 30th Street and FDR Drive Parkway close to Bellevue Hospital, Manhattan.

We also noticed that white tents and trailers were set up outside the hospital center, close to the building used by medical examiner of the New York Bellevue Hospital.

image-of-makeshift-tent-in-New-York hospital
New York and other major cities in United States have been battling with the deadly virus

The purpose served by these refrigerated trucks is to help alleviate mortuary space at the hospital at this critical time. These makeshift morgues will help provide enough space for dead bodies at the hospitals.

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