Looks like the extended 14-day lockdown is already getting not only on people’s nerves but their stomachs as well. From the viral video that was circulating at the beginning of this week Monday; hungry residents turned themselves to angry mob by raiding a privately owned truck transporting loaves of bread in the Agege area of Lagos State.

See the video below:


Just when we thought this craziness has ended at least for a while, another drama happened earlier today in Abuja. According to what we learnt from the video, people were captured raiding a truck conveying bags of rice to another location, the people involved in this mob raid were desperate to lay their hands on the bag for rice for survival.

The extended lockdown is getting out of hand as hungry residents laid siege on a truck transporting rice

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The situation came as a surprise since people have been restricted from moving around in these places amidst the deadly coronavirus.

As we speak, Nigeria has recorded 323 tested cases of the deadly coronavirus, with major bulk of it recorded in the densely populated Lagos State and the Federal Capital Territory.

The extended ‘stay at home order’ as reiterated by the president, Muhammadu Buhari, during a live address, is to curb the continued spread of COVID-19 in these highly affected places in Nigeria.

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