Driver blames Autopilot after using his Tesla Model Y to rear-end an SUV

People are quick to point fingers at anything just to justify their action. This is exactly what happened recently when a Tesla Model Y driver used his car to rear-end a white SUV. This story was shared by the Tesla Model Y group on Facebook.


According to a report, the event took place in Miami Beach, where the driver claimed that the Autopilot in his car failed to brake, causing the electric vehicle to crash into another vehicle. We understand that he might have activated the Autopilot at the time of the crash but it will also require him to pay attention to the road and be ready to come in at any time. He should blame himself more for being distracted rather than heaping the blame on the system.


Another thing we are not clear of is the speed at which the Tesla was moving at the time of the collision. From the image shared, we could see major damage on both cars. The Tesla Model Y has lost his front end and one of its wheels to this crash. The SUV on the other side got its bumper really damaged and it looks like the SUV might have broken the windshield of the Tesla Model Y since it is sitting on it.


There is also a possibility that the Autopilot wasn’t enabled at the time when the Tesla car ploughed into the rear-end of the SUV.  Regardless, the Tesla Model Y driver should brace himself for what is to come. He sure has a lot of explanations to do to the authorities and possibly insurance companies.

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