Easy steps in getting Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria

Are you a car owner with tinted glass? Do you want to know how you can easily get your tinted glass permit in Nigeria? It has been made compulsory by the Nigeria’s Police Force (NPF) for all aspiring car owners interested in getting permits, to get it from their respective states of residence.

it is compulsory for tinted car owners to have the permit in Nigeria

To get this Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria, it actually requires no financial commitment from you, as long as you are patient enough to go through all processes and waiting till the police releases the permit to you.

However, if you do not have that patience, you may use an agent, who will help you process it for a minimum of N10,000.

Obtaining police permit for Tinted Glass in Nigeria

To get the Police Tinted Permit here in Nigeria, there are certain steps you need to familiarize yourself with and follow as well.

The Nigeria’s Police Force are in charge of issuing tinted glass permit in the country

Step 1:

You need to visit official Nigeria’s Police for tinted glass @ www.npf.gov.ng/tinted for the registration.

Step 2:

Fill in the necessary info and click on the submit button

Step 3:

You will be provided with login password. This password can be changed after you login

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Step 4:

You will be required to upload important documents such as driver’s license, car insurance number and proof of ownership into the provided portal.

Step 5:

Click submit button and print out the page. You will need to print out the page and take it to the nearby police headquarters.

What you should do when approaching the police for tinted permit in Nigeria

  • You will need to provide the printed copy to the ICT department at the police headquarters. After which, you will be asked to proceed to capturing and carry out biometrics on your fingers as well.
  • A paper will be issued out to you at the end of the capturing process, with the inscription “UNDER PROCESSING WITH SIGNATURE AND DATE”.
  • You should always visit the portal to monitor the status of your tinted glass request.
You are only allowed to use this permit for either health or security reasons

There is a provision for Nigerians under the constitution to have their car glasses tinted, as provided by the law. This is why it is very vital to get this permit if you are already using tinted glass or aspiring to use one. Doing so, you avoid confusion, embarrassment and even delay from the law enforcement agents anywhere within the country.

Tinted Glass Permit Law: What it means in Nigeria

There are 2 conditions to be met if you want to get this permit from the Nigeria’s Police Force. When requesting for tinted permit, it has to be on 2 grounds – Heath and security reasons. Once you can meet these reasons, you will be granted the tinted glass permit in no time.

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There are 2 laws that readily back the use of tinted glass permit, people with exemptions to use it, imported-already tinted glass. We will be highlighting the 2 laws in Nigeria that state the appropriate punishment for tinted glass offenders and the number of days that you can use a car with imported tinted glass here in Nigeria:

section one (Prohibition of Tinted Glass) Act, states:

”Except with the permission of the appropriate authority designated for the purposes of this and for such good cause as may be determined from time to time by the appropriate authority, no person shall cause any glass fitted on a motor vehicle to be tinted; or shaded; or coloured lightly or thickly; or darkened; or treated in any other way, so that the persons or objects in the motor vehicle are rendered obscure or invisible.”

“The police shouldn’t arrest you for having a car with tinted windows” Lagos PPRO Dolapo Badmus

By implication, the law recognizes the presence of vehicles in the country that came fitted with tinted glass from oversea. If you belong in this category, you are only allowed to use it for ninety days before it expires.

Section three of the (Prohibition of Tinted Glass) Act, states:

“anyone who imports a vehicle with tinted glasses into the country is allowed to change the glasses within a period of ninety days. Anyone who decides to drive around in a tinted glass vehicle without a permit is committing an offense. The penalty is a fine of fifty thousand Naira or a maximum of six-month imprisonment or both.”

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2 thoughts on “Easy steps in getting Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria”

  1. Kindly let me know if I am required to get a fresh tinted glass permit for a new car purchased from a previous owner who obtained a valid permit and transferred same to me at the point of purchase/Change of Ownership authorisation.

    • Dear Ajieren,
      You should understand that tinted glass permit cannot be transferred to another person when the car is sold. The new owner needs to apply for fresh one to continue enjoying the tinted glass without fear of harassment. However, if you do not want want to go through re-application process, you can decide to take off the tinted glass and get it replaced.


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