FAQ on powertrain warranty coverage

A lot has been said by many auto experts on things you need to know before buying a car anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, only few know about powertrain warranty coverage. Many do not even know that you can get powertrain warranty even when you buy used cars. Truthfully, this warranty spans across all components responsible for the way your car moves on the road. The sole purpose of the powertrain warranty is to give buyers self-assurance when paying for the vehicles. The warranty is given by either the carmaker or seller especially when there is need to get a faulty powertrain fixed or repaired. Here on Cars9ja are the frequently asked questions on the powertrain warranty coverage.

1. What does powertrain mean?

In one of our write-ups, we tried to differentiate between drivetrain and powertrain in simplest way possible. Well, since it has come up again, we should briefly explain what drivetrain means before diving right into powertrain. Drivetrain is defined as those parts that work together in your vehicle in making its wheels turn. Powertrain involves many components including the drivetrain itself.


Powertrain is the combination of many components such as engine, drivetrain, transmission, differentials and few others. This is why powertrain is the soul and power house of any moving vehicle. Powertrain can also affect vehicle’s parts such as axle shafts, exhaust and intake manifolds, and wheels bearings.

2. What is the working principle of a powertrain system?

The powertrain plays the simple role of providing and converting sufficient power to the vehicle. The fact that we are using the term ‘powertrain’ for vehicles doesn’t mean it isn’t applicable to other modes of transportation such as aircrafts, boats or motorcycles. As long as these machines get their power from the engine, powertrain is obviously into play.

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The engine has to provide enough power for your vehicle to run efficiently. This provided engine power will therefore be transmitted straight into the transmission. When the transmission gets the power, it turns it to torque after transferring it to different gear ratios. The power from the engine is sent to the wheels via the driveshaft in the transmission. This is why it is possible for your car to move back and forth. Information sent to the output sensors are transcribed by the computer sensors.

3. What are the areas covered by powertrain warranty?

Usually, the powertrain warranty coverage is on every part or component involved in the way power is being created and supplied to the wheels. These components are mostly the high cost parts in your vehicle. So, you should expect the powertrain warranty covering the transmission, driveshaft and engine. Any part that makes your car move forward and backward is under the powertrain warranty coverage. When the drivetrain, transmission or engine encounters a problem, this warranty will get you the replacement or repair needed free of charge.

Ask for powertrain warranty information when buying used vehicle

Since the powertrain includes some of the most expensive components in your car, you should see the reason why lack of powertrain warranty can give you migraine, especially when you are under tight financial schedule. In any case of mechanical issue, the powertrain warranty always comes handy. It is very important to lookout for the powertrain warranty information before you buy any car.

4. What are the areas not included under powertrain warranty coverage?

This should be simple enough. Those parts that have nothing to do with your vehicle’s power are obviously not under powertrain warranty coverage. Those uncovered parts include air conditioners, radio and other add-on features. Parts like brake pads, CV joints and clutches might be seen as components of powertrain, but they are not covered by the warranty. This is because these parts are considered as wear-and-tear parts and are supposed to be changed at a particular interval.

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5. Does powertrain warranty coverage extend to natural or man-made disaster?

The answer is no! Powertrain warranty coverage doesn’t include occurrences such as theft, accidents, vandalism, glass breakage, collision, fire or flooding. These are usually areas covered by your insurance company.

6. Why is powertrain warranty important?

Vehicle repairs can be so financially frustrating for many people. The powertrain warranty will come into your aid in a situation like this. Although, you might be on the lookout for other forms of warranties when buying your car, but you should never overlook the powertrain warranty.

7. What is the life span of a powertrain warranty?

In most cases, powertrain warranty is expected to last for 60,000 miles or five years. You may get higher or lower warranty in some cases. You should expect a shorter powertrain warranty if you are buying your vehicle as used. The good news here is: the powertrain warranty can be transferred from the seller to the new buyer. Truth is, you cannot compare the warranty offered by dealership to what a typical seller will offer you. Powertrain warranty is expected to last longer than other warranties offered by the carmaker.

The powertrain warranty coverage will cease when its life span has elapsed. Always pay attention to this information as you use your vehicle.

8. Final words

When you are at the point of buying your vehicle, you should inquire about the powertrain warranty information on it. Remember, you will still need to pay for some repair works overtime but having a solid powertrain warranty is nothing short of fantastic purchase. We expect to see you anytime soon for more informative car tips like this.

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