Everything you need to know about AutoWeb

History of AutoWeb

AutoWeb is one of the pioneers of automotive media and marketing services on the globe. The California-Based company  is worth around $1.4 million as at 2022. Over the years, there have been a lot of similarities between Autobytel and AutoWeb. It was owned by Peter Ellis and John Bedrosian as Auto-By-Tel LLC in 1995. It was the first internet company to advertise during the Super Bowl in 1997. The name was later changed in 2001 to Autobytel Inc in 2001. The company had its fair share of challenges and near-bankruptcy, but came out renewed and more service-oriented. Autobytel was named in 2007 as one of the 15 best technology innovators at the California Innovation Awards.


Autoweb was a pay-per-click advertising network for car manufacturers and dealers, before it was bought by  Autobytel. Though the founders had intention to change it to AdTarget, they later adopted AutoWeb as the brand name. The name was fully changed in 2017, October to be precise, from Autobytel Inc to AutoWeb Inc. 

What does AutoWeb do?

AutoWeb offers both automobile manufacturers and dealers needed tools to properly manage their business portfolio. Some of the offered services include:

  • The Rapid Response Program, which is set aside to connect dealers to customers online via phone and email addresses.
  • The Email Manager Program, which helps to manage the long-term campaign for the dealers.
  • LeadCall, which is a live-call program that manages dealers’ appointments and evaluates readiness of the clients to purchase from these car dealers. 

AutoWeb helps businesses succeed by providing a full service market to dealers and carmakers. It also offers the automotive industry a full suite of premium lead products and services such as pay per click advertising and shop by payment and car dealer credit qualification tool. Ultimately, they help millions of car dealers to convert web leads to car sales.

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NOTE: AutoWeb has no provision for services such as warehousing, vehicle escrow, delivery or shipping services. Beware of fraudulent websites that say otherwise. 

What can you buy on AutoWeb?

Autoweb provides services connecting the buyers to verified car dealerships across the States. You can also get used car inventory on the platform as a customer. If you are shopping for brand new or used vehicles, the platform gives the chance to link up with available dealers who have what you are looking for in stock. The site also provides insurance and financial information. It gives you the chance to apply for financing online, and use their loan calculator to know if you can afford your next car. 


If you are hunting for roadside assistance, extended warranty, special deals on car accessories and bookstores, AutoWeb offers these services to the satisfaction of both parties. As a visitor or potential car buyer you can research the vehicles before you pay. The platforms through its acquisitions over the years give you the opportunity of joining other affiliate programs. As a dealer, you will fill a contact form on the site, indicating some personal information and business name. This will give the buyer a chance to know what you do and the type of products you offer.

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