Top accredited auto shops in the US

Are you a car owner living in the United States of America? If yes, you are at the right place. When a car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the most likely to follow suit is migraine. The type of frustration associated with having a faulty or stalled engine is excruciating. At this point in time, no amount of paracetamol can cure it. This is why we often recommend you to find a good auto shop around you for routine checks, maintenance and repair works. Be rest assured, we have compiled the list of top accredited auto shops in the United States. 


Some of these auto shops are operated establishments or independently owned. This implies that they can include franchises like OEMs or national chains of repair shops and car dealerships. Here in the States, many accredited auto shops are allowed by car manufacturers to recall repairs and perform warranty of their products. These auto shops provide services you might not get somewhere else. If you are considering the rate of car repair, maintenance and replacement of parts, then you should know their charges are within budget. There are some auto shops that specialize on certain brands, components of the vehicle and modification. There are also online repair shops that will get to your location once you contact them. A call away will save your day and put a smile on your face. Anyways, let’s get down to business. Here are ten auto shops around your area:

Top accredited auto shops in United States

Meineke Car Care Centers

The franchise was founded in 1972 with an initial investment of over $122,000, and an annual fee of $20,000. The company gives you unrivaled services that beat your imagination. You can visit any of their centers for tire replacement, oil change and other one-stop auto repairs. Meineke is one of the pioneers of auto franchise owners in the US. 

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AAMCO Transmission

AAMO is the only brand in the industry that specializes in the repair of transmission. Founded in 1963 with an initial transmission of over $220,000, the franchise offers the kind of expertise highly sought-for in the country. The company trains and assists new business owners. Their exceptional reputation has worked for them for many decades.

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BIG O Tires

BIG O Tires was established in 1962 with an estimated 395 units spread across the United States. It has an initial investment of $260,000 and a royalty fee between two to five percent. It is one of the biggest tyre companies in North America. Their customer service is top-notched and they employ passionate small business owners to join their growing franchise units.

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CARSTAR was created in 1989 with an estimated 533 franchise units across North America. Their units are spread all over Canada and the United States. They offer quality customer service such as full auto body repair. They are also open to smaller business owners for partnership to extend their reach to more people, especially those in the grassroots. 

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Tuffy Tire & Auto Service was founded in 1970 with units up to 153 in the country. Their services are affordable and of high quality. Their initial investment capital was $224,000 and a royalty fee of $5%. They meet up with the aftermarket demands and proven operating system. 

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Christian Brothers Automotive

This franchise was open for business in 1982 with an initial investment capital of $464,250. They are becoming more popular as demand for their services begin to grow. They have at least 185 franchising units in the US. They offer all forms of repairs for car owners and also train new franchise owners how to run a hitch-free auto shop.

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MAACO was created in 172 with an estimate 510 franchising units all over. The country is considered the country’s largest automotive retail paint brand with proven business models for smaller companies. The company has an initial investment capital of $362,250 and a royalty fee of nine percent. They paint and repair cars, as well as making people business owners in their community.

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MIDAS was founded in 1954 with an incredible franchising unit of 2020. They are leaders of the franchise and automotive industry in the US. They offer premium repair services and save you from unnecessary duress caused by mechanical breakdown. They also offer help to business owners to thrive in the ever-growing industry. 

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Mr. Transmission was established in 1956 but began franchising in 1976. They have 89 franchise units with over 60 decades of industrial experience. They are known for the installation and repair of drive train components and transmission systems. They are still open to new franchise owners to join their team.  

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There you have it! We have provided links to every highlighted auto shop in the US. Take your time to go through their services and put a call through to them today. Be rest assured that you will be happy you did. 

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