Running from the police is an absolutely terrible idea and authorities in Marion County, Florida have just released footage of one man trying, and failing, to escape.

On June 19, 2021, a Dodge Charger being driven by 33-year-old Gregory Lee Linder passed K9 Cpl. Sullivan along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. The officer had various encounters with Linder in the past and knew that his driver’s license was suspended.

Dashcam footage shows K9 Cpl. Sullivan quickly performing a U-turn as he pursues Linder but the 33-year-old shows no intention of pulling over. Instead, he hits the throttle and begins to speed down various county roads in a bid to evade. However, the officer manages to stick right on the tail of the Dodge despite his best attempts to flee and ultimately performs a PIT maneuver against him along a narrow road.

This forces Linder to lose control and crash into shrubbery on the side of the road. However, he doesn’t give up and runs off into the dense forest, prompting the pursuing officer to deploy his K9. The dog chases after the man and immediately subdues him before Cpl. Sullivan catches up with Linder.

Bodycam footage shows that K9 Adelmo bit Linder in a particularly, ahem, vulnerable area. He can be heard screaming in agony and officers have to eventually pull off the dog. Linder was quickly transported to a local hospital for treatment before he was released and placed under arrest. He was charged with felony fleeing and eluding law enforcement, habitually driving with a suspended license, and resisting without violence.

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